Adult diaper underwear


When you suffer from incontinence diaper underwear make you feel even more comfortable. The unique diaper underwear with a discrete thin design look like ordinary underwear, which it replaces perfectly. Inka Pants are suitable for everyday use not only during the day but also at night. The fast absorbing core together with fine materials ensure a dry feeling for a long time. Odour absorbing and breathable, making the skin breathe, thus preventing it from sweating and formation of bed sores. A 3D manufacture technology guarantees the best fit while wearing and makes them invisible under clothing.


• The unique INKA Pants diaper underwear with a discrete thin design, looking just like ordinary underwear, with a maximum absorbance and overflow protection, suitable for everybody suffering from urine and stools leaking

• made with a 3D technology

• fine material ensuring a comfortable fit

• anatomically shaped core made by a 3D scanner

• protective barriers against overflowing

• dermatologically tested material


INKA Pants Standard

(S) SMALL    50 - 80 cm   1900 ml3 kvap    14 ks   Plienkové nohavičky
(M) MEDIUM    70 - 110 cm   2000 ml3 kvap   14 ks  
(L) LARGE   100 - 150 cm   2100 ml3 kvap   14 ks  
(XL) EXTRA LARGE   120 - 170 cm   2200 ml3 kvap   14 ks  


What is incontinence?

Incontinence is a spontaneous leakage of urine or stools not controllable by one´s will.


What kinds of incontinence there are?

The stress incontinence is caused by the urine leakage during coughing, sneezing or lifting heavy objects. One of the causes of heavy incontinence is overweight.

The urge incontinence is an unwilling leakage of urine as a result of a sudden, strong urge.

The functional incontinence is caused by a physical or mental disease connected with the inability to get to the toilet on time.

Generally men with enlarged prostate suffer from the incontinence caused by overflowing. In that case the urine from the overfilled bladder flows out with difficulties because of the narrowed urethra.

The reflexive incontinence is a consequence of a neurological disorder or a brain injury, which means it may occur in a younger age too.


What stages of incontinence are there?

1st stage - light urine leakage (suitable aids- incontinence pads)
2nd stage – medium urine leakage (suitable aids- incontinence diapers and underwear)
3rd stage – heavy urine leakage (suitable aids- incontinence diapers and underwear)


How to choose a proper size of diapers?

You choose a proper size of diapers based on the waist circumference. Each size comes with the waist circumference measured in cm.


Can I have the diaper underwear prescribed?

Yes, your general practitioner, urologist, gynaecologist, neurologist or a geriatrician may prescribe the diaper underwear for you. Why is diaper underwear better than diapers? The diaper underwear is easier to use. It is a modern version of diapers. It replaces regular underwear. You put it on and take it off just like regular underwear. You do not need to change it so often because it perfectly absorbs a urine leak and keeps the moisture inside the product. When changing the underwear after a stool, simply tear the fastener on the edge and change the underwear. The edges of the waistline are made from a fine unwoven fabric. Gentle and soft to your skin. Suitable for women as well as men.


How to prevent incontinence?

Do not smoke: a chronic cough in combination with smoking may also cause an involuntary urine leakage.


Practice Kegel exercises: they include tightening and flexing the pelvis floor muscles which will connect to the bladder through the nerves. Performing Kegel exercises is a good way to keep a lifetime bladder control.


Watch what you drink: beer, coffee, tea and soda as well as everything containing alcohol and caffeine may increase the bladder activity and lead to a leakage.


Watch what you eat: certain food may make incontinence worse. Chocolate as a caffeine source as well as spicy or acid food such as tomatoes or citrus fruit.


Overweight: the more you weigh the more your weight presses on your bladder.


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