Flowers sanitary napkins and incontinence pads.

Flowers female sanitary napkins are designed to bring you more confidence and comfort throughout your time of the month.
We know that you would like to feel your best during these days. That is why we have carefully selected all materials used in Flowers pads.
The specially developed pulp-fiber core with added super absorbency guarantees a feeling of dryness and protection ensured by the rapid removal and containment of fluids.
The surface fabric is smooth to the touch and helps to maintain a feeling of dryness thanks to its special Drytex membrane.

Do you suffer from incontinence?

Try other Flowers products, designed and produced based on our experience and using material and technology obtained during the production of female sanitary napkins and applied in the production of our incontinence pads Inka as well as our pads for pets Petinka.

Change your day with Flowers sanitary napkins...

Your days can be so much more pleasant. Try our new female sanitary napkin Flowers and enjoy greater comfort and security.
Choose our Mirella pads with the ability to absorb large amounts of fluids or our Tina Soft pads with genuine raised grooves, which adapt to your body and help to divert fluid quickly.

Enjoy greater comfort with Flowers products ...