Benefits for employees

• Stable and prospective work

• Possibility of personal development and self-advancement

• Motivational salary evaluation

• Supplementary pension savings

• Boarding 
     o our own factory kitchen - choice of 3 types of dishes
     o meal voucher - lunch for €0.90 per employee
     o cooked food during all work shifts

• Support and organization of leisure activities for employees
     o fitness center voucher
     o gym rental voucher

Adjustment of working hours according to the needs of the employee for selected job positions

• Employer’s contribution to supplementary pension savings

• Remuneration of the employee for life and work anniversaries

• Support for first marriage - EUR 500, EUR 500 for birth of a child

• Support for cultural and social events, residential recreation of employees

• 15% discount on electricity supply for your household

• Financial rewards for free blood donation

• Interest-free loan
     o cash loan due within 1 year

• Emergency assistance
    non-repayable financial contribution in difficult life situations (incurable disease, tragic accident, loss of life partner, natural disaster, other disability with economic impacts on basic existence)